Dear potential scholarship candidates under BRAVE,

BRAVE provides scholarships (undergraduate, MSc, PhD and post doc) in the study areas: Plant Virology, Plant Breeding and related fields such as plant physiology/biochemistry, plant bioinformatics, structural biology etc.
Scholarships are provided in groups (named cohorts ). BRAVE has three cohorts; one of each upcoming year. For distribution of scholarships per cohort please go here .
Before you proceed with your application it is highly recommended to read the information in the sections under SCHOLARSHIPS:
      a) Eligibility requirements;
      b) Available topics for study;
      c) Selection process;
      d) Credit recognition (coming soon).

For specific  Requirements for Admission you are advised to contact the BRAVE EU representative in the CONTACT category (right menu) under EU partners.
If you are interested in the above-mentioned areas of study and would like to apply for a scholarship position under BRAVE you need to follow a two-step procedure.
- First, you need to register to the web site (to view an informative video please click here), and
- Second you need to submit an online application (go to ONLINE APPLICATION/Application Forms; select the appropriate form for you).

For registration purposes you may use the Create an account button in the Login form located in the right side of this page.
If you have additional questions please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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