University of Delhi South Campus was set up in 1973 as part of the University of Delhi, which was established in 1922 by an Act of Parliament and is engaged in teaching, training, research, development of technologies and innovations and higher education. Currently, the University comprises around 160,000 regular students and more than 385,000 students in the distance learning mode. The University of Delhi is active in high-quality research in niche areas, with a focus on innovation and product-oriented approach. At the University of Delhi South Campus, departments such as Biochemistry, Electronic Science, Microbiology and Plant Molecular Biology, have their own four-semester postgraduate teaching programmes and have active research groups, which guide students in their Ph.D. research programs. Within the Department of Plant Molecular Biology, the group led by Prof. Indranil Dasgupta is investigating plant viruses and their interactions with host plants.



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