Fhilmar Raj Jayaraj Mallika

Year of selection 2014
Cohort 1

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University of Helsinki, Finland

Lab, Institute, Country

Plant pathology laboratory, University of Helsinki, Finland

Name of Researcher/Supervisor Prof. Jari P.T. Valkonen
Duration of working period 3 years
Title and Brief report of the work (max 300 words)

'sRNA deep sequencing aided plant virus detection in raspberry cultivars in Finland'

Erasmus Mundus-BRAVE project assisted my study interest to pursue Master degree studies at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. Intensive courses taught inside the green campus in Viikki, Helsinki helped to customize study module for concerned programme. My thesis focused on the detection and sequence characterization of raspberry infecting RNA viruses, which was simplified by sRNA deep sequencing method. My attention was drawn towards anti-viral RNA silencing that is induced and supressed by RNA viruses at post-transcriptional level. I learned through certain bioinformatic tools to align short sequence reads to genomes of known plant viruses. Moreover, I received laboratory training to perform molecular cloning and sequences analysis of virus isolates. The courses in plant pathology gave experience with identification tools, for both viral and fungal pathogens. ELISA, Western blotting and RT-PCR formed the groundwork for most practical courses, writing mandatory scientific reports advanced my thinking for scientific enquiry. The international programme coordinators at Helsinki University had been helpful in advice concerning study affairs. BRAVE fellowship made study mobility and livelihood possible that I felt secured during study years, even enjoyed the solitude of student life in a European educational institute.

List of publications with impact factor, presentation of the research work in conferences/ seminars /workshops

Susi, H., Rajamäki, M.L., Artola, K. Jayaraj-Mallika, F.R. & Valkonen, J.P.T. 2018. Molecular detection and characterization of Black raspberry necrosis virus and Raspberry bushy dwarf virus isolates in wild raspberries. Annals of Applied Biology: In press.

Present position Student

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