Pinky Dutta

Year of selection 2015
Cohort 2

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Home Institute

Assam Agricultural University, India

Host Institute

University of Helsinki, Finland

Lab, Institute, Country

The Kristiina Mäkinen Lab. Plant Virology, University of Helsinki, Finland

Name of Researcher/Supervisor Docent Kristiina Mäkinen and Dr. Andres  Lõhmus
Duration of working period 24 months
Title and Brief report of the work (max 300 words)

Trans-replication of Potato Virus X in planta

We reported the creation of trans-replication system for the plant virus Potato virus X (PVX), an alpha-like virus, in planta. In this system, the viral replication template is produced from a different RNA than the viral replicase. The template RNA and the viral proteins can be manipulated with this approach, without affecting the other, and thus comprehensive analysis of their functions becomes possible at a new level. For PVX trans-replication system, a viral RNA template was designed from which it is not possible to produce a functional replicase protein and the coat protein sequence was deleted to prevent formation of virions. Other features of a functional template sequence were left unaltered to retain recognition by the replicase. The replicase construct produces only the replicase protein and it lacks virus-specific untranslated regions. Agrobacterium-mediated delivery was used to express both the constructs in the leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana. Overall, we have established that PVX is capable of trans-replication and the experimental freedom offered by this system can be now utilized to delve deeper into understanding the replication mechanism of the virus.

List of publications with impact factor, presentation of the research work in conferences/ seminars /workshops

Presented "Trans-replication of Potato Virus X in planta" at the Virology Days, 8-9th March, 2018, Tuusula, Finland.

Present position

Research Assistant,The Kristiina Mäkinen Lab. PLANT VIROLOGY, University of Helsinki

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