Sampada Gopinath Wagre

Year of selection 2017
Cohort 3

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University of Milan, Italy

Lab, Institute, Country

Faculta di Agraria at the University of Milan, Italy

Name of Researcher/Supervisor Fulvia Thambone
Duration of working period 9 months
Title and Brief report of the work (max 300 words)

Title of The Report-Quality of vineyard  soils (italy) by studying their biological and chemical characteristics. The need for basic soil quality and health indicators is reflected in the question commonly posed by producers,reseaechers, and conservationists. What measurement shuld I make or what can I observe that will help me evaluate the effect of management on soil function and in the future? long term application of chemical fertilizers caused a significant decrease of bacterial richness and resulted in the  imbalance of soil microflora. To define if and how the use of the organic and inorganic fertilizers able to affect the soil biological fertility, an index previously carried out by the research group (Unimi- Group of research ), was applied to 13 vineyards soils from parts of Milan. The soils of vineyard were sampled in 5 different farms that were using the organic or synthetic fertilizers from several years. In this work we define diffrent soil functions (i.e. structural, nutritional, biological) for the preparation of a quality index. The soils were characterised for the following parameters. Soil Microbial biomass, soil Respiration, Organic Carbon, Organic Matter, Total Nitrogen, Texture, Cation exchange capaciy . In the work by using GC-MAS we were performed the extraction and determination of phospholipid fatty acids(PLFA)and in the laboratory long test carried out the soil respiration measurement test and its water holding capacity (WHC). With the help of threse parameters we defined the Minimal Data Set for soil quality.

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