Geetimollika Hazarika

Year of selection 2016
Cohort 3

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Phone number


Home Institute

Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, India

Host Institute Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
Lab, Institute, Country

Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Biometry, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Name of Researcher/Supervisor Prof. Andreas Voloudakis
Duration of working period 5 months
Title and Brief report of the work (max 300 words)

The title of my research work was   “ Molecular characterization of NBS-LRR resistant gene analogues (RGAs) from indigenous and wild banana (Musa spp.) germplasm. The investigation was started with the isolation of genomic DNA from ten cultivated indigenous germplasms viz. Kach kol, Cheni champa, Ukho jahaji, Malbhog, Manuhor, Athiya kol, Bhim kol, Ketekihunda, Phesa manuhor and Ximolu manuhor and, five wild germplasms (designated as W1, W2, W3, W4 and W5) from Assam. Four pairs of PCR primers out of which two were degenerate primers, were designed from existing NBS-LRR sequences available in the GenBank. After successful isolation and sequencing of the PCR amplified NBS fragments from all the fifteen samples, confirmation about the identity of the sequences was done by homology search using BLASTn and BLASTp. The sequences were than characterized using various bioinformatic tools.

List of publications with impact factor, presentation of the research work in conferences/ seminars /workshops  
Present position

Completed M.Sc (Agri) from the Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, India

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