Dear BRAVE Applicants,

Based on the application material received for the cohort 2 of BRAVE, the selection committee would like to announce the selected candidates under cohort 2.

The list of selected candidates is based on merit and target group and is presented in alphabetical order.

There is a waiting list where the names are presented based on merit.

A number of invalid applications were rejected from evaluation.


The host University is indicated. Acronyms are indicated below.

   AUA: Agricultural University of Athens, Hellas (Greece)

   MLU: Martin Luther University Halle Wittenberg (Germany)

   UNIMI: University of Milan (Italy) >> NOTE: Joining BRAVE is pending. 

   UEA: University of East Anglia (United Kingdom)

   UoH: University of Helsinki (Finland)

   UPM: Universidad Polytecnica de Madrid (Spain)


*Note: UEA accept candidates only as credit seeking (research only).


For the selected applicants:

1) Please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating that you accept the scholarship by Monday 3 August 2015, 5:00 pm Brussels time. Failure to do so will result in candidate selection from the waiting list.

2) Need to register in the BRAVE webpage (LOGIN area) starting from Wednesday 29 July 2015. In case you have done so during the application submission  there is no need to register again, since you could use your username and password obtained. 


For inquiries regarding admission requirements please contact the contact point (partner) of the respective University (CONTACT/EU partners). Regarding UNIMI you may contact Prof. Daniele Bassi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and/or Monica Sinibaldi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


For the wait-listed applicants

Wait-listed candidates will be able to appeal for the rejection of their application within one (1) week after the announcement of the results (until 5 August 2015) and they will receive a response within 1 week afterwards (by 12 August 2015). 

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Selected List (alphabetical order)

Category Full Name Target Group   Home University
Host University *1
Undergraduate  Nidhi Kumari
  Rudrani Gajraj TG1
  RAU  UoH
  Sharda Bharti TG1
  RAU  UoH
  Toni Kumari TG1   RAU  UoH
  Vijaya  TG3    RAU  UNIMI
MSc Abhisek Biswas TG2     UNIMI
  Ajay Kumar TG3   RAU UNIMI 
  Anupam Gogoi TG1   AAU AUA
  Ankit Kumar Thakur  TG2      AUA
  Archana Vishwakarma   TG2     UoH
   Bhumika Dubay TG2      UPM 
  Kaustubh Jadhav TG2     
  Namrata Baruah  TG1   AAU UNIMI
  Niladri Pati  TG2    
  Nomi Sarmah  TG3   AAU  AUA
  Nupur Ohri  TG1   JNU MLU
  Parinda Barua  TG1   AAU AUA
  Pinky Dutta TG1   AAU UoH
  Pirbi Tissopi TG3   AAU UNIMI
  Rohan Shiradhonkar  TG2     UoH
  Shubhi Mishra  TG3   RAU  UNIMI
  Sudhanshu Purwar  TG2      UNIMI
  Surabhi Banerjee TG1   JNU UoH
 PhD Avinalappa Hotti
 TG2     UNIMI
  Gaurav Kumar  TG1   UDSC 
  Maitry Paul  TG1   AAU UoH
  Tsewang Namgial  TG1   JNU  AUA
  Vadlamudi Tharanath  TG1   SVU
  Ved Prakash  TG1   JNU UEA
Post doctorate Achuit Kumar Singh TG2     MLU
  Avilala Janardhan TG1   SVU UPM
  Awdhesh Kumar Mishra TG3     UNIMI
  Chandra Bhan Yadav TG3     UNIMI
  Chandra Mohan Singh
  Chaudhary Mashhood Alam  TG2     UoH
  Deepak Kumar  TG2     MLU 
  Sanjeev Kumar  TG2      UPM
  Saumya Awasthi  TG2     UEA
  Shweta Sharma  TG1   UDSC  MLU
  Sivaprasad Yeturu TG1   SVU UPM
Baishnab C Tripathy
 TG1   JNU  UoH
  Bidyut Kumar Sarmah  TG1   AAU AUA
  Birendra Kumar  TG1   RAU  UPM  
  DVR Saigopal  TG1   SVU AUA  
  Indranil Dashgupta  TG1   UDSC MLU 
  Manas Pandit  TG2     AUA 
  Nirala Ramchiary  TG1   JNU AUA
  Pranab Hazra  TG2     AUA 
  R K Mittal TG1   RAU
  Raman Rajagopal TG1   UDSC UEA 


 Waiting List (merit-wise order)

Category Full Name Target Group Home University
Undergraduate  Dhanshree Bala
TG1  RAU 1  
  Khatoon Shabana  TG1
RAU 2  
  Sourabh Kumar  TG1
RAU  3  
  Archana Kumari  TG1 RAU  4  
  Kumkum Kumari   TG1 RAU  5  
  Chandan Kumar   TG1 RAU  6  

Ramesh Kumar Gupta   TG1 RAU  7  
  Sourav Majumder   TG1 AAU  8  
  Aarathi Rajeshwari Bai   TG1 AAU  9  
  Bandana Saikia   TG1 AAU  10  
  Rupsikha Goswami   TG1 AAU  11  
  Gaurav Phookan   TG1 AAU  12  
  Rupsikha Goswami  TG1 AAU  13  
  Sutrishna Bordoloi  TG1 AAU  14  
  Ditimoni Dutta  TG1 AAU  15  
  Manash Jyoti Boruah  TG1 AAU  16  
  Panchami Bordoloi  TG1 AAU  17  
  Dhanshree Bala  TG3   1  
  Khatoon Shabana  TG3   2  
  Archana Kumari  TG3   3  
  Kumkum Kumari  TG3   4  
  Chandan Kumar  TG3   5  
  Ramesh Kumar Gupta
TG3   6  
 MSc Ananya Baruah
TG1 AAU  1  
  Monisha Uppal  TG1 JNU  2  
  Raj Kumar Goswami  TG1 AAU  3  
  Mamta Kalsi  TG1 JNU  4  
  Neha Gupta  TG1 JNU  5  
  Manisha Pandey  TG1 JNU 6  
  Rituparna Saikia  TG1 AAU (TG3 WL2) 7  
  Deeksha Ahir  TG1 JNU 8  
  Jaiba Fatma  TG1 AAU  9  
  Shaswati Sharma  TG1 AAU  10  
  Alisha Parveen  TG1 UDSC 11  
  P. Venkateswarlu  TG1 SVU (TG3 WL3)  12  
   Kanishk Jain TG1 JNU  13  
  Aayushi Agrawal TG2   1  
  Akshay Ware TG2   2  
  Naresh Bomma  TG2   3  
  Pramod Kabade  TG2   4  
  Riyazuddin  TG2   5  
  Atul Dukare  TG2   6  
  Dinesh  TG2   7  
  Sagar Majumdar  TG2   8  
  Parimal Ramesh Udgave  TG2   9  
  Naresh Bomma   TG3   1  
  Rituparna Saikia  TG3   2  
  Kishor Jeughale  TG3   3  
  P. Venkateswarlu  TG3    4  
  Dinesh  TG3   5  
 PhD Saumya Dakshinamurthi
TG1 SVU 1  
  Jijnasa Bordoloi  TG1 AAU  2  
  Deba Jit Das  TG1  AAU 3  
  Dinesh Kumar  TG1  UDSC 4  
  Bhargavi  V
TG1 SVU 5  
 Post doctorate Ravindra Kumar
TG1 UDSC  1  
  Sachin  TG1 UDSC  2  
  Bhorali Priyadarshini TG1 AAU 3  
  Sunayana Rathi TG1 AAU 4  
  Akhilesh Kumar Kushawaha TG1 UDSC 5  
  Vaishali Kelkar TG1 UDSC 6  
  Arthala Praveen Kumar TG1 SVU 7  
  Purnima Das TG1 AAU 8  
  Sudheera TG1 SVU 9  
  Rajesh TG1 SVU 10  
  Binod Kumar TG1 RAU 11  
  Ananta Madhab Baruah TG1 AAU 12  
  Raaj kumar Kakoti TG1 AAU 13  
  Bornali Gohain TG2   1  
  Jagjjit Sahu TG2   2  
  Tiluttama Mudoi TG2   3  
  Touseef Hussain TG2   4  
  V V Koundinya TG2   5  
  Mohan Kumar Biswas TG2   6  
  Yasodam Sreenivasulu TG2   7  
  Tiluttama Mudoi TG3   1  
  Gudipati Srinivasa Rao TG3   2  
  Arthala Praveen Kumar TG3   3  
  Mohan Kumar Biswas TG3   4  
  Sudheera TG3   5  
  Binod Kumar TG3   6  
  Rajesh TG3   7  

*1 University of Milan (UNIMI) is in the process of joining BRAVE consortium and final approval from EACEA is pending. The selected candidates will be informed about the mobility soon. 
*2 In case of TG1 candidates, if any vacancy arises due to withdrawal of a candidature from the first list of selected candidates, the wait-listed candidate (merit wise) will be selected from the same University.  However, for TG2 and TG3 only, only merit-wise selection will be made from the waiting list. In such case, the wait-list candidate will be allotted to the same Host University against such a vacancy.  

BRAVE reserves the right to change the mobility in the host University under exceptional circumstances. 



BRAVE is funded by the ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 program of the European Union.
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