Target Group 1 (TG1)

- Provide the candidate with any relevant document needed in the application and visa processes (e.g. transcript of records for students, letter of institutional support for staff, etc
- Perform an eligibility check: content of the application file with respect to the mandatory application documents to be uploaded (CV, passport, language certificate/institutional assessment form, proposal for a study/research/teaching/working plan and any other relevant documents).
- Confirm eligibility of the candidate in relation with the EM Action 2 eligibility criteria (candidate’s nationality, enrollement status, work position at Partner, minimum study requirements for undergraduates)

TG2 & TG3
The Joint-Coordinator (or a designated by the Joint-Coordinator Indian representative) will confirm the validity of a candidate’s application package by:
- Contacting applicant’s home University to confirm accuracy of the transcript of records;
- Contacting applicant’s language assessment form co-signer to confirm the language capabilities of the applicant;
- Following up with the applicant on any other matters that may require further verification of credentials.



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