European Commission Erasmus Mundus programme has approved and financed the BRAVE project, that grants scholarships to Indian nationals (undergraduate, MSc and PhD students), post doctorates and staff (academic and administrative) members to participate in a mobility program.

Duration of BRAVE:
Start date:
15 July 2013
End date: 14 July 2017

Areas of study or work under BRAVE:
Scholarships are available to undergraduate, MSc and PhD students as well as post doctorates, and staff in the fields of: Plant Virology, Plant Breeding, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology/Biochemistry, Plant Bioinformatics, Structural Biology and related fields.
Administrative staff can also apply.
PLEASE NOTE: No scholarships are available in fields other than the ones mentioned above.

Scholarships (or mobility types) offered under BRAVE are for:
     a) Undergraduate students
     b) MSc students
    c) PhD students
     d) Post doctorate fellows
     e) Staff (academic and administrative) members

 Educational programs offered under BRAVE:
The mobility for students could be either: a) credit seeking or b) degree seeking mobility.
Credit seeking mobility (or part time) indicates that the student will be registered in an Indian (home) University and obtain credits (ECTs*) in a host EU University involved in BRAVE, but will obtain the diploma by the home University. Such a mobility could be also labelled as "sandwich" program. The degree will be offered by the Indian (home) University.
Degree seeking mobility (or full time) indicates that the student will take a full degree in a EU University participating in BRAVE.

 * ECTs: European Credit Transfer System: A student-centred system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a program, objectives preferably specified in terms of the learning outcomes and competences to be acquired; more information is available at

Teaching languages
Courses are taught in the native language as well in English.
For further information on the language each course is taught you are advised to contact the BRAVE representative for the Univeristy of your interest.

The scholarship covers: 
Each selected applicant will receive:
1) A monthly allowance to cover subsistence costs at the host country, 
2) One two-way flight ticket, and 
 3) A health, accident and travel insurance valid during the entire mobility period in Europe. 

The amount of the monthly allowance is different depending on the type of mobility, as follows:


Type of mobility Monthly allowance
Undergraduate students 1000 EUR/month
MSc students 1000 EUR/month
Doctorate students  1500 EUR/month
Post-Doctorate researchers  1800 EUR/month
Staff members 2500 EUR/month


Target Group (TG):
BRAVE covers all Target Groups (TG1, TG2, TG3).
Target group is a category of students and researchers defined by the European Commission.
For definition of the specific Target Groups please visit ABOUT/Target Group and Mobility (Menu left).

Scholarship (mobility) distribution (per Cohort*) 
offered under BRAVE
 Mobility type Cohort 1 Cohort 2 Cohort 3 Total
Undergraduate  4 4 12
MSc 15  15  30
PhD 25  -
Post doctorates 15
(academic and administrative)
Total 57 33 10 100
* Cohort: Erasmus Mundus partnerships are organizing the mobilities in different cohorts (groups), that are the times in the program that people granted with a scholarship have to initiate their mobility. For example BRAVE has three cohorts.
Scholarship (mobility) distribution (per Target Group) 
offered under BRAVE

♦ Cohort 1

 Mobility type Total TG1 TG2 TG3
Undergraduate  4 3 - 1
MSc 15  8 4 3
PhD 25  15 7 3
Post doctorates 6 1 0
(academic and administrative)
5 1 -
Total 57 37 13 7

Cohort 2

Mobility type Total TG1 TG2 TG3
Undergraduate  4 2 - 2
MSc 15  2 11 2
PhD - -
Post doctorates 8 2 4 2
(academic and administrative)
6 5 1 -
Total 33 11 16 6

Cohort 3

Mobility type Total TG1 TG2 TG3
Undergraduate 4 2
 - 2
MSc - - - -
PhD - - -
Post doctorates 0 0 0
(academic and administrative)
6 2 4 -
Total 10 4 4 2



BRAVE is funded by the ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 program of the European Union.
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